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The Inorganic Substance of Dreams

Inspired by double exposures in film photography.IMG_0049-s4 penny-s The-inorganic-substance-of-dreams-s

Endless Summer

When you hear the word summer, what is the first thing that pops into your mind?

I think of the heat, swimming pools, that rippling line on the horizon over hot asphalt, ice cream dripping down my hand, dry breezes, afternoon thunderstorms, music from crappy old beat up radios, sun burns, bathing suits, ripped up shorts, dirty fringed tees, laughter, lazydays, and being thirsty.

I also think of that song by the band FUN, where the lyrics say: “We are young ,So let’s set the world on fire, We can burn brighter than the sun.”

Ready for some warmer days?

Models are Amanda Dunn and Madison Heichel.
Photographed by Rosette Photography. Shot in midday sun. (Kind of shot out of my comfort zone with the midday sun, but I love how it turned out.)

IMG_0007-s IMG_0152-s IMG_0229-s IMG_0234-s IMG_0248-s IMG_0269-s IMG_9959-s

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Endless Summer

"We are young So let’s set the world on fire We can burn brighter than the sun" - FUN, lyrics to the song We Are Young

“We are young
So let’s set the world on fire
We can burn brighter than the sun” – FUN, lyrics to the song We Are Young

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Self Portraits

Self Portraits

Me! Having some fun with old makeup and lots of glitter!
I even glittered my eyebrows for good measure (yellow-orange glitter).
Like it?

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Re-editing Past Work Sometimes Surprises Me

Miami Nights

Model is Alina Williams

Red Dreams

Model is Catherine.


70 Years Later, The Memories Are Lost. They Would Have Been Priceless.

famProfessional photographers every where argue the importance and value of having your photographs printed.

For me it is simple.

The first absolute truth is that today’s technology will one day become obsolete in the tide of time.

Technology becomes obsolete all the time. You sometimes have to pay a hefty price to have obsolete tech made into a usable format for modern day. Like the VCR. I have maybe a dozen or so video tapes for VCR. But it seems awfully ridiculous to try and have them converted to DVD. Kind of dumb. I could just go buy the same movie on BlueRay or DVD, but that won’t happen with your digitally backed up images. You cannot go out and just re-buy the same images at a store. You would have to have the files completely converted over at an extra expense or cost to you, just to preserve them. Silly right? OR if they were professionally photographed, you are taking a gamble that your photographer will still have the images. Most won’t. Most of their contracts state that they will delete images after a certain length of time (normally two or three years), to make space for new images. Storage space is an expense for photographers, in case you never thought of that. Or, the photographer may no longer be in business, or alive. Don’t expect them to be be your memory keepers. They just help record them.

The second most absolute, and possibly scarier truth is that one day, we may not have the ability to recollect WHO was in those photographs, or what was happening.

My grandmother has Alzheimer’s. And we have hundreds and hundreds of old photographs of hers of hundreds of different people. She used to be sharp as a tack. And knew everything forward and backward. Juggling many tasks at a time. Now she cannot remember who anyone is anymore. Sometimes, I see a glimmer of what I think may be recognition, and as soon as it comes, it goes.

She will never be able to tell us who the faces are in the photographs we have now. It will be a miracle if we ever learn who they were.

And so the proof of existence of who these people were, now becomes just a shadow that was once our ancestors. Lost to time, dust, and all memory.

I don’t want to let that happen with my memories. I have vowed to myself that every photograph that I print from now on, will be overloaded with detail. The backs of the images saturated with facts, dates, people, locations and more. I feel it is my responsibility. Even if I never have children, at least the memory will be preserved for ME years down the line.

It is YOUR responsibility to not lose memories. They are precious. You who keeps your memories on a disc without printing are gambling that you will remember in 70 years who everyone is. Or that you won’t die before then. Or that technology will continue to support the format that your images are in.

Don’t take the risk. Remember to print your photographs. Even your crappy little cellphone images. You have to do it. Because you never know what the future brings.

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Night’s Plutonian Shore

Some images from a recent photoshoot I worked on.
Model is Casey Comer.
Makeup artist Isabelle Schreier.
Wardrobe Designer is Melanie Sherwood.


Rosette Photography 1 IMG_7180-s5 IMG_6919-L4 IMG_6941-L1 IMG_6925-L6 R666666666 R333333

Jonathan Klein, TED talk on the power of photographs

A TED talk on how photographs have changed the world, through eliciting a connection between viewer of an image and its subject matter.
I love how profound and thought out his presentation is. Many of the images he shows during his six minute presentation sent shivers through me. Photographs are powerful.

Time-Lapse Video of Homeless US Army Veteran, Jim Wolf, in a transformation to change his life forever

See how video and photography can change the world one person at a time.

Published in Giuseppina Magazine – Vainglorius

Published June 26, 2013 in Giuseppina Magazine for the Sinful Summer Issue #14.
Model is Toni Brockenbrough of 33rd Degree Photography.
Makeup Artistry by Toni as well.

71-72 73-74

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Fox Den Farms & Kennels – Photoshoot with Horses!!

I have been wanting to do a horse photoshoot for a while now.. My photographer friend Ginger (Ginger Z Photography – Website, and Facebook), suggested this idea that I KNEW we had to put together and shoot.

We needed a long, regal, red dress to shoot with. We found one on

Gorgeous dress. When it came in the model we both knew that would be perfect for it was AMANDA. I had worked with her several times. So, it needed to happen.

But how was I going to find a horse? I didn’t know anyone who had a horse in either white/gray or black. Odds were that this part was going to be the hardest.

We did find a horse though. Many horses! In a stroke of brilliance, I decided to get on Craigslist to check and see who out there might own horses and wouldn’t mind us coming out to their farm. First person I called answered her phone and was definitely open to the possibility of us coming out to see her horses! Super excited at this point!

Long story short, we found the perfect horse to work with. Sleepy old Mack was uber friendly, and caught more zzz’s while Amanda was posing with him and on his back.

Such a great experience that I am grateful to have had. Some things we just had to go with the flow on. Huge huge thanks to Molly of Fox Den Farms and Kennels. This woman knows her stuff. Also huge HUGE thank you to her crew for helping us out!

Hope you love the images!1 2 3 4 5 6 7

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Antonio Thorpe Benefit Show – May 18th, 2013

Saturday May 18th at the Chop Shop in Charlotte NC, a benefit show took place to celebrate and honor the life of Antonio Thorpe. The images you see here are from the bands who played at the event to raise money and show respect for the heroic man who died trying to save a stranger.

I hope to have more images up soon. I have been a busy woman working four jobs, three part time and then also trying to be a photographer on the side. Being an artist isn’t always easy. The blessing it is to be able to express yourself through creativity saves me time and time again. One day, I hope to do what I feel I was meant to be… A photographer.

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n

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Gorgeous model Amanda brings Persephone to life here in this series of images that I photographed earlier this year.

These images were captured with the model being behind a pane of glass in a shower stall. Amanda was backlit by the window here. Water was present on the glass. And as an extra layer of texture and interest, I had decided not to clean the glass before shooting. There is a soft haze to several of the images.

The flowers are real Irises that I had obtained from a local grocery. They were clipped to a length that allowed me to inter-weave the stems into some coat hanger wire that I turned into a circlet.

Had an awesome time working with my good friend here, and always love her talent that she brings to the shoot. Thanks Amanda! You are fantastic. To follow more of Amanda’s work, click the photo to be taken to her Facebook actress page. She is wonderful!

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Getting ready to embark on the journey of her life…
Grace is definitely one cool chick. Shy at first, but once you sit down and talk a little with her, you realize that you could have been best friends with her back in high school. She fondly refers to her group of friends at Union Academy as “The Nerd Herd”.
I loved planning her session with her. At our first meet up, we met at a coffee shop in Charlotte and enjoyed chatting about ideas and expectations for the shoot. I really wanted to get to know what she had in mind. Grace’s mom of course was spot on with the things Grace is interested in. Grace loves vintage style, classic looks, classic movies, classic music, and general geekery. Our trip to get coffee also was the perfect timing to get wardrobe picked out for the shoot. We found the most amazing looks and accessories for her session.
The next few days were used for planning the final elements of her shoot.
When the day of the shoot rolled around, we met at my studio to get prepped with hair and makeup. Everything just seemed to fall into place. I hope you love the outcome of Grace’s shoot as much as I do! Couldn’t ask for a more perfect day!

Through the Lens

Clothing provided by Buffalo Exchange of Charlotte, NC.

Published! Giuseppina Magazine ~ SUGAR SKULLS

Makeup by Belle-Maquillage Makeup Artistry

Models are Amanda Victoria Dunn and Camimi Palomeque Bomba

Photographer’s Assistant Ginger Zaremski

Photographer Jocelyn Rose Bland of Rosette Photography

Max – Studio

As many of you know, I frequently work with my good friend Max on various shoots. Here is another recent image from on of our shoots :)


My friend (a fellow photographer) and I, decided we wanted to have some fun in studio just goofing off one day. Here is an image we worked on. Steampunk with some shadows! :) Love the red lipstick here!


My original plans for this shoot were to get outside and photograph with the early morning light.. My plans were slightly foiled by the overcast weather, but that didn’t stop us! We got out and drove around until we came to an open field. We hopped out of the car and had fun! Thanks Jackie for an awesome morning! :)

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